All  our  products  are  designed  to  provide  optimal  efficiency  and  maximize  flexibility.  It  is  crucial  to  identify  the  core  of  the  laboratory  activities  in  the  worktop  and  the  frame  that  will  be  used.  Optimize  the  laboratory’s  space  efficiency.  The  highest  allocation  of  services  supply  and  furniture  within  the  laboratory  is  created  mostly  by  this  exact  flexibility  that  we  offer.  Ergonomic  design  ensures  larger  moving  and  storage  room  underneath  the  worktop.  Modern  and  functional  conception,  maximizing  laboratory  space  efficiency.  High  stability  structure  ensuring  worktop  functionality.  Certified  weight  resistance  for  each  height  adjusting  foot  of  500kg  with  the  possibility  of  ±50mm.  Smooth  finishing  of  worktops  minimizing  all  risk  of  laboratory  user  injury.  Metallic  frames  are  epoxy  powder  coated,  according  to  DIN  EN  12487,  with  easy2clean  properties.  We  follow  two  types  of  epoxy  powder  coating  specifications,  one  for  antimicrobial  environments,  tested  according  to  JIS  Z  2186  and  one  for  spaces  of  high  chemical  resistance.  Our  colors  of  choice  are  a  semi  matte  finish  of  white  RAL  9010  and  light  grey  RAL  7035.


Modular  +  Flexible

Complete  frame  construction  from  modular  parts.  Flexible  in  restoration.  Changes  can  be  done  in  the  future.  Adaptable  to  new  shapes  or  additions  in  anytime  a  need  might  come  up.  The  optimum  combination  for  this  product  line  is  storage  cabinets  on  castors  and  service  outlets  coming  from  the  ceiling  to  achieve  maximum  room  cleanliness.

Robust + Safe

Ideal for use in laboratories with heavy construction requirements (Tested for a support strength of more than 350kg/m² for the Propero line and 200kg/m2 for the Pelago line). The frame system can be free standing, fixed to a wall or on safety atraumatic castors depending on the need of the laboratory. It is designed so as to be completely flexible for any future need.

Durable  +  Resistant

Developed  and  controlled  in  order  to  satisfy  all  modern  laboratories.  Both  of  our  frame  lines,  Propero  and  Pelago  are  tested  and  certified  according  to  EN13150:2001.  We  subject  them  to  stability  tests,  guaranteeing  its  stability  and  balance.

  • Static  load  test  (600N  horizontal  on  4  sides  of  bench);
  • Vertical  static  load  testing  (2000N  vertically  on  4  sides  of  bench);
  • Horizontal  impact  stability  test  (50Kg  of  a  height  of  40mm);
  • Vertical  load  stability  test  (1000N  to  50mm  from  the  end  of  the  bed  and  half  the  length  of  the  sides);
  • Benchtop  test  (lift  the  bench  to  150mm  from  the  floor  by  letting  it  fall  freely.)  Repeat:  10  times).

Customizable + Compatible

Metallic frame, connected to beams with a securing system, painted with epoxy electrostatic paint based according to DIN EN 12487. The Propero© series is ideal for BSL 2, BSL 3 laboratories, classrooms and clean rooms. This product line was conceptualized for creating a more uniform surface, minimizing joints between benches and cabinets thus fewer outbreaks of contamination.


All tasks performed in each laboratory dictate its specifications and environment. After many years of partnering with the greater companies in terms of raw materials, Basileiou Laboratory Furniture provides its clients a vast selection of worktop surfaces that will optimally cover each laboratory, depending on its usage and needs. Provide us with your laboratory general specifications, a brief resume of the chemicals used, the work done and the purpose of the laboratory, and we shall advise you on what materials pair with each process.

Please click on the surface of your interest to read and download the material safety data sheet of each surface. Feel free to download all technical data sheets and leaflets of our surfaces, in our specifications area, to make sure that the surface we chose according to the type and work you will have is right for you.

HPL Compact

High pressure laminates (HPL) can be used everywhere. They are temperature resistant (180°C), waterproof, and have high load capacity. They are easy to clean and can therefore be used in areas with high cleanliness requirements and have antimicrobial specifications.

Used in: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Research, Education, Hospitals

Stainless steel

Completely seamless, easy to disinfect, and fully resistant to UV light. Especially advantageous when ultra clean conditions are required in the laboratory or there is a need for antimagnetic worktops.

Ideal for: Clean Rooms, Radionuclide, Biological laboratories, Food + Beverage.


Corian worktops have the advantage that individual panels can be seamed and sanded to form a seamless surface of any desired length. For this reason, Corianis primarily used in areas requiring maximum cleanliness and antimicrobial resistance.

Mostly: Hospitals, Heamatological, Diagnostic Centers, Research, Pharma Cleanrooms


Worktops made of large-area solid ceramic can be used almost everywhere. Suitable for laboratories where aggressive substances are used. Ceramic worktops are also often used in areas where less aggressive chemicals are handled, such as equipment  benches, because they do not show signs of wear even after long use.

Main use: Cosmetics, Energy, Oil + gas, Research

Epoxy Resin

Worktops made of epoxy resin are generally used in laboratories with high requirements for worktop chemical resistance, for example in traditional wet chemistry laboratories. The alternative to worktops made of ceramic materials, such as large-area ceramic worktops. Worktops made of epoxy resin do not chip, even under heavy mechanical impact load.

Adequate for: Chemicals, Energy + Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Education


Polypropylene, also known as Moplen, is a thermoplastic polymer with high stiffness, heat resistant, chemical inertness and is recyclable. Primarily used in areas requiring maximum cleanliness. Thickness of 40mm with marine edge, white colour.

Mostly used: Radioisotope, Nuclear, Chemicals, Energy, Oil + Gas



All items used in a laboratory, can be optimally stored underneath the worktop, where our under bench cabinet units offer storage space to fill the laboratory’s needs.

Fixed units suspended on metal frames or mobile units on rollers our cabinets are able to cover all your needs.

The combination of winged doors, drawers or even open front cabinets is to be chosen by the final user, in order to adequately suit his needs.

+ There are many possible combinations of doors and drawers

+ 270° door hinges provide ergonomic access to the content as well as optimal functionality.

+ Aluminum antibacterial door and drawer handles

+ High quality drawers with impact damping system for smoothly opening and closing.


Where laboratory space is limited and might pose an issue, we have the solution with wall mounted cabinets above head height.

You can choose between open cabinets,and closed with melamine doors or even sliding glass doors.

Suspended cabinets can be mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or even on the service spine of the laboratory bench for terms of flexibility.

Such solutions can be used to significantly extend the storage capacity of your laboratory space without jeopardizing its functionality.

Υou can have cabinet solutions so that your laboratory can be optimally used without limiting its space.

+ Optimum storage solutions even in limited space

+ Sliding glass doors create a light transparent unit, without limiting laboratory space.

+ Cabinets can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or even the bench’s service spine


Many options of spacious and flexible models ensure harmony in your laboratory, ergonomic design and a storage space for all material in your laboratory.

From open cabinets, combinations of drawers and doors, sliding glass doors made of security glass, wardrobe cabinets, lockers or even pull-out doors.

All shelves are adjustable and movable, to better serve all your needs; even the one you will have in the future.

+ Flexible interior configuration to better suit user’s needs.

+ Safety glass sliding doors for the user’s safety.

+ Many combinations of facing configuration.

+ Cabinets can be added on top in the future

Safety Cabinets

We provide a vast variety of special safety cabinets, according to the needs and materials that are used in your laboratory for the storage of flammable products Type 90 and Type 30 are TÜV certified in compliance with EN 14470-1 and EN 14727 norms.

+ Tall, under bench, 1 or 2 doors, swing doors or drawers.

Safety cabinets for the storage of chemical, acid and base products which comply with the requirements of EN 14727, EN 61010-1 norms, are TÜV certified and CE marked. Safety cabinets for indoor storage of compressed gas cylinders , TÜV certified in compliance EN 14470-2 and EN 14727 norms, and our modular unit for outdoor storage.

Our wide range of activated charcoal filter cabinets is able to ensure the best operating conditions for the treatment of pollutants toxic emissions, for pharmaceutical hoods and hazardous environments.

+ Optimum protection against fire resistance categories Type 30 and Type 90.

+ Safe operated smooth doors that shut automatically in the event of fire.

+ Safe storage of non combustible and hazardous substances according to all relevant regulations and directives.

+ Optionally integrated lockable compartments to prevent access to certain substances.



On the service spine there are three different rails that apply to the following uses:

+ The front and bottom center railare used for fitting useful accessories to simplify the task of the laboratory user. Scaffold poles, towel rail, notepad holder, machinery suspensions, or any other “assistant” can be hanged on these rails.

+ The lower front rail works as a nest for the installation of LED light strips, low cold or hot lighting, always following laboratory specifications, with a white or colored cap, depending on the need of the laboratory.


Optimizing efficiency and productivity within the lab, there is a clear need for a flexible implementation of all necessary services to work optimally. Service outlet station must be flexible and customizable, providing easy delivery to various needs, without compromising the efficiency and flexibility of the worktop.

The service spine, designed and patented by Basileiou -Laboratory Furniture at a European level, is made of anodized aluminum.


The interior of the spine is designed so it can be separated into dry, for electrical components and wet part for any gas or water supply pipelines. The power supplies are IP44, with safety caps as are defined by laboratory safety standards, which can also have an active/non-active lamp for additional user safety.

The spine can be placed either on the surface of the bench as a backing type to avoid overflows, as well as on the wall or on the overhead structure of the bench. Service lines have a great range of possibilities since the service spine can be either on the wall, autonomous on the bench and its structure or even hanged from the ceiling.

Our service spine has been designed with maximum versatility in its use, not depending from any structural component of the laboratory space