Laboratory Workbenches

Manufactured and tested, satisfying all requirements of a modern laboratory space. 

Each laboratory bench consists of many modular parts and components. The number of components and design technology applied to each of them, creates maximum stability for the present, and great adaptability for future endeavors. Moving benches within the laboratory, adding components, or completely relocating the furniture, can be done without damaging any part. A perfect combination of adaptability and flexibility creates a bright and clean workbench result, ready to tolerate heavy weights, with certified mechanical resistance of 200kg/m².

Homogenous powder coating of high quality and certified chemical resistance allows for a minimal and fluid appearance in the laboratory space. Bench design facilitates room cleaning, as well as provides maximum working space for every laboratory user.


The frames are connected along metal beams with a patented connection system, which can be free standing, fixed to a wall or on castors, depending on the needs of the laboratory. Two series of diversified framing systems cover the entire range of laboratories. Design and manufacturing developed on complete future flexibility.


  • Certified weight tolerance of 300kg/m²
  • Maximum stability
  • Tilting leveling support of ±15°
  • Free standing system
  • Clean and linear design


  • Certified weight tolerance of 250kg/m²
  • Maximize working space
  • Tilting leveling support of ±15°
  • Maximum cleanliness and laboratory transparency 


Diversified as the requirements of each laboratory.
The activity of each laboratory determines its needs and required surface specifications.
A variety of six (6) surfaces come to serve those needs. Discussing and asking about your future operations, we understand your perfect fit.
The ideal solution which covers the laboratory space and the processes performed in it.

High pressure laminate Compact HPL (Solid Grade High Pressure Laminate) can be used mainly in wet labs, laboratories with medium loads and needs.

Temperature resistance up to 180°C, hydrophobic, scratch resistant.

Certified antimicrobial surface, flat, VOC free (0%) and easy to clean up.

Ideal surface for: Pharmaceutical Companies, Cosmetic Laboratories, Research Centers, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Hygienic Spaces.

Epoxy resin is generally used in laboratories with high requirements in worktop resistance.

Excellent mechanical resistance to weight and high chemical resistance to highly concentrated acids.

Large surfaces without seams.

Ideal surface for: Chemical Laboratories, Energy Companies, Petroleum Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Cosmetic Laboratories, Educational Institutions.

Ceramic worktops can be used almost everywhere while mostly suitable for highly chemical laboratories.

Highest chemical tolerance and resistance.

Mechanically stable and easy to dispose of.

Temperature resistant up to 700°C.

Ideal surface for: Chemical Laboratories, Energy Companies, Petroleum Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Cosmetic Laboratories, Educational Institutions.

Stainless steel worktops can be of two types AISI 304 or AISI 316.

Seamless, easy to disinfect and fully resistant to UV light.

Excellent solvents resistance and temperature.

Optimal choice when ultra clean conditions are required (BioSafety Level 3 or 4).

Ideal surface for: Grade BSL 3 – 4 Laboratories, Nuclear Laboratories, Biology Laboratories, Food and Beverage Control Laboratories.

Corian polymer worktop is unique with one great advantage; individual worktops can form a seamless surface of any length with no joints.

Primarily used in laboratories that require maximum cleaning ability.

Medium chemical tolerance, VOC free certified.

Ideal surface for: Areas of Health interest, Surgeries, Areas that require high cleanliness, Hematology Laboratories, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers.

Polypropylene surface, a thermoplastic polymer with high stiffness, is the optimal choice for nuclear laboratories.

High resistance to acids and solvents.

Lightweighted, easy to dispose of and joint free.

Heat resistant, recyclable.

Ideal surface for: Radioisotopes and Nuclear Laboratories, Chemical Laboratories, Energy Laboratories, Petroleum Companies.