Laboratory Fume Hoods



Fume hoods are the most crucial and important components of the laboratory. Scientists need to be able to work with absolute safety, always minimizing the wandering risk of contamination or chemical spill. Constantly working on developing the fume hood, and the user’s safety as well as protecting the laboratory. Steadily design exhaust systems and CFD dynamics minimizing the consumption and energy needed by a fume hood to operate.
It is your wellbeing! It is our mission!



Safety is our first and main concern for the laboratory space. We commit daily in designing and developing a fume hood, which provides the upmost safety to its user. It is inspected annually and certified according to international standard DIN EN 14175 and US standard ASHRAE 110.

Its aerodynamic interior design aims towards smooth air insertion and movement of the incoming air. Possibility of turbulence is minimized to the least, always maintaining air containment, as dictated by all fume hood standards. 

The user is always protected, which allows to concentrate to his research work. Fume hood’s metallic sash has a silent scrolling and stabilizes at any point in its path. The fume hood is equipped with a specialized brake system to securely stabilize it in the last operational position.



Fume hood’ s ergonomic design is key for its optimal usability and functionality. Standardized manufacturing dimensions can be supplemented with a wide range of components, depending on the laboratory’s processes and needs.

Sliding interchangeable safety windows applied to the sash, allow for maximum usage while maintaining high user protection.

Eight points of modular frames easily removed and switched for placing additional plugs, data points, taps for water, gases, vacuum or other.

A segregated interior surface with the sink, allows for a free worktop, while protecting electronic material from any possible harm.


The fume hood not only is one of the harshest parts of the laboratory, but also one of the costliest. The total consumption of a fume hood within a year skyrockets the operating costs of a laboratory, whether it is HVAC, energy, or even environmental impact.

Designing a system that maintains a constant frontal speed according to DIN EN 14175, by selecting the variable air volume control system (VAV – Variable Air Volume), we are making our effort to decrease consumption. The exhausted quantity totals consumption comparison by 35%, having proportional impact on operating costs, energy saving and air consumption.

Going a step further, the addition of an electrically controlled sash, has shown a drastic 42% reduction in air consumption* per annum. The fume hood can always be controlled remotely if connected to the BMS (Building Management System), minimizing to the least, the lead time for the recognition of repairs or standard maintenance check.