BasiCeil – Suspended Ceiling

We combined forty years of knowledge and experience in laboratory manufacturing, trying to solve day to day issues. The result was the grid BasiCeil. A suspended ceiling system based on a simple mathematic grid, that is able to meet any possible requirement needed in a working space.

A patented system that brings functionality, flexibility, and durability along with supply lines, modular structure with tailor made components and high aesthetic result.

What our grid system BasiCeil™ provides, is an overhead ceiling structure that ultimately allows a variable layout of the space below with flexible fixed supply services. 

Any room supply line can be installed on the grid, whether it is HVAC, electromechanical lines, lighting or other. The BasiCeil grid ensures optimal use of the space. Easy access without damaging any of the structural elements is always possible. The complete system is based on sealed flat surfaces, without using additional materials, foreign to the laboratory environment.

Where overpressure in the room is a prerequisite, we are adding a patented retainer for the panels, which is easily removed and replaced, when there is a need for visiting the outer nucleus.