Our Services

Conceptual Design

For the last 6 years, we’ve developed a laboratory design and study service, an extra tool for satisfying the needs of our customers. We ensure that the solution proposed to the end user is fully personalized to his needs and requirements, always having as a priority the laboratory’s safety aspect, the international standards and finally the functionality of the space.

Adding to these criteria, space and equipment flexibility and the end user, we set the right bases to start the dialogue for your lab. Discussing with the final user, allows to solve problems that might occur in the future and you have not predicted, planned and studied ways and methods for your lab to be fully optimized and tailored to your needs. The result that you have in your hands will be your identity, a workshop that will show you.

Laboratory Planning

We look at all aspects of the workshop from different angles. We maximize its functionality, always with respect to all the global directives and regulations regarding the health and safety of the end-user. The lab will have to meet all specifications and do not retreat to this high quality. We have set the bar high so that our customers and end-users feel fully satisfied and safe in their lab space.

The know-how and experience of more than 37 years help us based on the system and practices we follow during design to ensure maximum flexibility for the laboratory user. We anticipate the design of every aspect of the area today, can easily meet the needs of tomorrow. We welcome the possible future change by designing functional and flexible laboratory furniture systems, reducing any future cost considerably.


We reproduce photorealistic and forward-looking designs of the final lab space, which we present to the customer and end users, opening a dialogue that will create new needs that have not been addressed before. We promote discussion and open dialogue with end users to discover any new needs or requirements. All of our designs and consulting services, take into consideration all guidelines proposed by BSEN 14056:2003 standard.

Photorealistic designs, complete layouts, front rear and side layouts are given to the client. 3D Photorealistic perspectives of the laboratory, in order to grasp completely the environment of the lab user. By understanding fully the concept, the final user is able to make changes and fit every detail to his final needs.

Safety + Risk Management

All of our designs and concept laboratories are based on many elements, but the most significant one is the user’s safety. We apply all safety regulations and measures that GLP, GMP, IBC, NIH, FDA, OSHA, WHO dictate, without ever disregarding local and continental authorities. This allows us to have at all times our user in complete safety in terms of laboratory security.