Fume cupboards are the most important element in a laboratory, where handling of hazardous substances needs to be done safely and minimizing risks of contamination or exposure. Built according to all certifications and safety standards Basileiou – Laboratory furniture fume hoods offer high efficiency, ergonomic design and safety towards the final user and the laboratory. The optimal integration of safety and operation between human being and technology has been achieved with VITA+. The ergonomic distribution of sockets, control devices and remote-controlled fixtures in the angled lateral sides simplifies and optimizes the day-by-day operations. VITA+ fume cupboards are tested and certified according to EN 14175 Part 1-2-3 “Laboratory fume cupboards”, Part 6 “Variable air volume fume cupboards” and ASHRAE 110. VITA+ fume hood has been conceived to guarantee a total protection to the users when “heavy duty” use is required.

The solid steel structure and the aluminum sash, including safety tempered glasses, determine a real protective shield increasing the risks containment factor.Having all the utilities placed into interchangeable panels enhances the dynamic functions of VITA+ fume cupboard. Any future reconfiguration and implementation of technical service point-of-use will be easier and time effective. Any present configuration is not definite for the future allowing a great space for flexibility in one of the hardest parts of the laboratory. The round-shaped profiles installed on the sash handle and airfoil system combined to the variable air volume system (VAV) guarantee end user protection and optimize air consumption in order to work in safe conditions with energy saving up to an astonishing 35% per year*. Sash can work even with a motorized system, having the “soft-touch” function to move sash opening and closing just with a light pressure on the handle. The electronic control can include the presence detector for sash auto-closing in case of end user absence. Standardized production dimensions allow for a more volatile model.

Standardized production dimensions allow for a more volatile model.

  • Safety features in accordance with EN 14175 T3
  • Low air mass flow resulting minimization of operating costs.
  • Width variations up to 2100mm
  • Variety of worktops selection according to laboratory’s needs.
  • Special safety under bench cabinets.
  • Fume hood interior space optimally used.
  • Automatic sash opening.
  • Multifunctional automated controls for optimal use and control of operations.