Laboratory Furniture

All our products are designed to provide optimal efficiency and maximize flexibility. Understand that the core of your laboratory activities is the worktop and the cabinets. Complete your needs by adding basins or sinks, service modules or other supplementary features, to optimize the laboratory’s efficiency.

Optimum allocation of services supply and furniture within the laboratory is created mostly by flexibility. Hollow thick iron 2 mm in cross sections 60×30 and 30×30 mm with blank corresponding length made for durability and flexibility. Ergonomic finish providing larger storage and leg space underneath the bench. High stability to ensure worktop efficiency. Modern and functional design that optimize efficiency of the laboratory space. Smooth finishing minimizing risks of injury of the final users.

The Π-frame (P)

Provides a high level of stability for worktop benches, mobile tables and analysis tables for working either standing or sitting. The P-frame can be stable, or even on castors to optimize flexibility and laboratory usage responding to future needs, today.

Proposed use

  • Support construction for light analytical equipment
  • Support for superstructures

The C-frame (C)

Extremely steady and certified to withstand at least 200kg/m2.

Ergonomic superiority

Provides free under bench space

Proposed use

  • Bench frame with worktop made of various materials as a work surface and storage area for laboratory work
  • Supporting construction for heavy analytical equipment and superstructures
  • Flexible and modular solution for research laboratories

The Wall Mount (WM) frame

Ergonomic legroom and lightest visual impact

It is fitted to service directly to walls through its modern and functional design

Proposed use

  • Bench frame with worktop made of various materials as a work surface and storage area for laboratory work
  • Supporting light construction for analytical equipment and superstructures
  • Intended to be permanently mounted to a wall
  • Optimal modular solution for laboratories with limited space
  • Not suitable for laboratory work where hazardous substances must be extracted.

All tasks performed in each laboratory dictate its environment. Basileiou laboratory furniture after years of partnering with great companies provides its clients with a vast selection of worktops that will optimally fit their laboratory needs.

Provide to us the specifics of your laboratory’s tasks and we will advise you on the best and most reliable materials to use for your furniture. Ceramics are durable against aggressive chemicals. High pressure laminate worktops are highly used in health laboratories since they have great resistance over bacteria. Melamine is suitable for lower levels of chemical loads.

All worktops are fitted to your laboratory, through corners, around columns or even to adapt to your machinery that might already be installed within the laboratory.

Benefits for the final user:

  • Materials for every kind of environment and usage
  • Worktops for trapping spilled liquids
  • Vast selection of coloring
  • Tailored configuration of material combination and worktop design

Vast selection of storage variants for fast access and safe storage in the laboratory

Maximizing laboratory furniture flexibility, we offer a variety of cabinet and under bench unit variants, either movable or on bench mounted, designed to fit under all metal frames, or even under our fume hoods.

Aligning functionality with design

All material used are durable even in extreme laboratory environments, resistant and are designed to be easily cleansable. All items are designed so that the final user is assisted and his work is facilitated to the upmost.


All drawers and doors are equipped with a pneumatic brake in both their opening and closing to restrain all items within the cabinet from tilting over or dripping.

Protection of all edges

All melamine coated and high pressure laminate cabinets are easily cleansable against the effects of any laboratory environment on them. All edges are protected with 2mm PVC to secure the cabinet’s carcass and shelves.


Under bench cabinets

All items used in a laboratory, can be optimally stored underneath the worktop, where our under bench cabinet units offer storage space to fill the laboratory’s needs.

Fixed units suspended on metal frames or mobile units on rollers our cabinets are able to cover all your needs.

The combination of winged doors, drawers or even open front cabinets is to be chosen by the final user, in order to adequately suit his needs.

  • There are many possible combinations of doors and drawers
  • 270° door hinges provide ergonomic access to the content as well as optimal functionality.
  • Aluminum antibacterial door and drawer handles
  • High quality drawers with impact damping system for smoothly opening and closing.

Tall cabinets

Many options of spacious and flexible models ensure harmony in your laboratory, ergonomic design and a storage space for all material in your laboratory.

From open cabinets, combinations of drawers and doors, sliding glass doors made of security glass, wardrobe cabinets, lockers or even pull-out doors.

All shelves are adjustable and movable, to better serve all your needs; even the one you will have in the future.

  • Flexible interior configuration to better suit user’s needs.
  • Safety glass sliding doors for the user’s safety.
  • Many combinations of facing configuration.
  • Cabinets can be added on top in the future.

Wall mounted cabinets

Where laboratory space is limited and might pose an issue, we have the solution with wall mounted cabinets above head height.

You can choose between open cabinets, and closed with melamine doors or even sliding glass doors.

Suspended cabinets can be mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or even on the service spine of the laboratory bench for terms of flexibility.

Such solutions can be used to significantly extend the storage capacity of your laboratory space without jeopardizing its functionality.

Thanks’ to Basileiou – Laboratory furniture, you can have cabinet solutions so that your laboratory can be optimally used without limiting its space.

  • Optimum storage solutions even in limited space
  • Sliding glass doors create a light transparent unit, without limiting laboratory space.
  • Cabinets can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or even the bench’s service spine.

Special cabinets

We provide a vast variety of special safety cabinets, according to the needs and materials that are used in your laboratory.

Our safety cabinets for the storage of flammable products Type 90 and Type 30 are TÜV certified in compliance with EN 14470-1 and EN 14727 norms.

  • Tall, under bench, 1 or 2 doors, swing doors or drawers.

Our cabinets for the storage of chemical, acid and base products comply with the requirements of EN 14727, EN 61010-1 norms, are TÜV certified and CE marked.

Our safety cabinets for indoor storage of compressed gas cylinders , TÜV certified in compliance EN 14470-2 and EN 14727 norms, and our modular unit for outdoor storage.

Our wide range of activated charcoal filter cabinets is able to ensure the best operating conditions for the treatment of pollutants toxic emissions, for pharmaceutical hoods and hazardous environments.

  • Optimum protection against fire resistance categories Type 30 and Type 90.
  • Safe operated smooth doors that shut automatically in the event of fire.
  • Safe storage of non combustible and hazardous substances according to all relevant regulations and directives.
  • Optionally integrated lockable compartments to prevent access to certain substances.

Fume Cupboards

Fume cupboards are the most important element in a laboratory, where handling of hazardous substances needs to be done safely, and minimizing risks of contaminations or exposure.

Built according to all certifications and safety standards Basileiou – Laboratory furniture fume hoods offer high efficiency, ergonomic design and safety towards the final user and the laboratory.

  • Safety features in accordance with EN 14175 T3
  • Low air mass flow resulting minimization of operating costs.
  • Width variations up to 2100mm
  • Variety of worktops selection according to laboratory’s needs.
  • Special safety under bench cabinets.
  • Fume hood interior space optimally used.
  • Automatic sash opening.
  • Multifunctional automated controls for optimal use and control of operations.

Basileiou Laboratory Furniture wants to deliver its clients total satisfaction and complete turnkey projects, in order to facilitate the final user’s mission and ensure that all laboratory items and components will be of the same high quality and will maximize efficiency and functionality for the final user.


Sinks and basins that apply to all uses of any laboratory can be included on the worktop of the laboratory bench, with a trap for spilled liquids.

Sinks can be of same material as the worktop or any other (Stainless steel, Corian, Ceramic) depending on the needs and the environment of the laboratory.

Service Modules

All services supplies located right at your convenience.

To optimize productivity and efficiency within a laboratory, there is a definite need of a flexible fitting for all services needed to operate adequately. The service station needs to be flexible and adjustable, providing easy supply to all diverse supply situations, without jeopardizing the worktop’s flexibility and efficiency.

  • Water/gas supply
  • Power supply
  • Electrical sockets
  • Phone / data plugs
  • Circuit breakers for the safety of the users
  • Tablets and flat screen monitors

Emergency Shower/ Eye wash

Safety regulations dictate the need of an emergency shower and an eye wash station within each laboratory or in direct reach from any laboratory.

One of our main concerns is the total safety of all users of each laboratory we make. Where clients support that there is no need of an emergency washing station, we come to show them differently and don’t allow our company to deliver a laboratory where we wouldn’t feel safe operating in.