Basileiou Laboratory Furniture was the first Greek manufacturer of laboratory furniture that applied an environmental protection approach from the development of the products up until the final installation.

  • Ecological optimization of production
  • Product longevity and recyclability
  • Recycling of used material and minimization of trash (Melamine, Aluminum, HPL, Wood, Paper, Bottles, Gas Cylinders)
  • Water consumption for plants and grass irrigation
  • Recycled packaging for shipment of goods
  • Made in Greece, supporting the local market
  • Bioclimatic design of the building to minimize energy consumption.

We have always dealt with environmental and social responsibility issues as a way to respect and contribute to our community for the past 35 years and we will continue to do so for the next 35 years to come.

We oversee all production processes within our facilities, without outsourcing any activity.

Applying this philosophy gives the company full control regarding the quality of materials, which we aim to maintain to the highest levels.

We constantly seek top level raw materials, essential to our commitment to offer high quality laboratory furniture. We maintain long-term collaborations with our suppliers, linking their quality and global recognition with our brand name and product excellence. We align our philosophy, values and eagerness to evolve with the ones of our suppliers, sharing a common dream and belief that defines where we want this long term relation to bring both of us.

Over 35 years of operations a small crafting business has evolved into a successful company operating in Europe with all criteria to expand worldwide. No matter the evolution and the progress the business shows, we never forget our values and where we come from, that the years to come have to bear the history and respect all stakeholders in exactly the same way.

We apply the quality management system of ISO 9001: 2008 in order to completely control and organize the production and the management processes, find any possibility of default in one product or process and be able to rectify it instantly so that no stakeholder may be affected by such.

All our machinery is up to date, high tech and represent the best in their market. We have applied to retain the “Made in Greece” symbol and await approval from the Ministry of Commerce.