We design the optimal laboratory for your needs, while adjusting to your needs without tampering users’ safety and health.



We look at all aspects of the laboratory from different points of view in order to maximize the functionality of the final user, but always respecting all global directives and regulations that concern the health and safety of the final user. We make no discounts when it comes to safety of the users and we do not approve of such conducts by anyone involved in the designing process of the laboratory facilities. We answer to questions such as:

  1. Are the standards and safety directives met?
  2. Can we do anything else to improve the user’s safety at any possible scenario?
  3. Are the facilities suitable for the complete safety of the users or not?


Our design department along with its expertise, developed an innovative design system, LabOpti©, diverting from usual market practices. The LabOpti designing system proposes to each laboratory space the optimal solution to ensure maximum satisfaction from the final result along with maximized productivity and ergonomic space usage, while maintaining the option of flexibility of the products within the working space as well as ensuring highest functionality.

  1. Is the laboratory in accordance to the needs and use of it?
  2. Have all the requirements of the final users met in addition to the consulting and design experience of the department for an optimized result?


All of our designs are ensured with the concept of flexibility of each laboratory space. We want to propose a laboratory that will be able to adapt to the future and its needs. When designing a laboratory we do not fear but we embrace change and we have already thought of it.

  1. How easily can the space change its physical condition to receive the needs of another laboratory?
  2. Can the laboratory furniture installed in a space be moved in another location in the future at the lowest possible cost?

Active End User

In each separate case, our engineers reproduce 3D mock-ups of the laboratory space formation we propose, which will be presented to the client and final users. We then incorporate all feedback and possible recommendations, ensuring no conflict with the international standards in order to proceed to the manufacturing process.

  1. Are all users needs met by the proposal?
  2. How can we apply the changes according to the users’ recommendations without jeopardizing any of the previous elements?


Qualified to build laboratories for all uses our designers have developed to product lines targeting to cover different needs of the laboratory users.

The BRACHI© line is a series of products that are completely customized and tailored to every need of the prospective client. This product line is addressed to clients that want to personalize every aspect of their laboratory (color, shape, work-top surfaces) respecting all specifications and EU certifications. This line aims to satisfy the client as much as possible by adjusting the product perfectly to his demands and needs.

The SPINA© line of products is our standardized line of products that follows a more modular and flexible philosophy and answers to the needs of larger companies that are in less need of modifications in their laboratory space. This line targets to solve large scale projects that have a pattern of uniformity and modularity, where the need for personalization of every single laboratory space is not the most significant part of the process. Nonetheless, this line of products adheres to the exact same high quality and reliability standards as our top line.


We are investing for more than a decade in the continuous evolution of our design department. The necessity for technological advancement with main focus final user satisfaction, modularization of product lines and functional evolution, led to the constant development and innovation of all of our products. Steadily keeping up with technological progress, we develop solutions which increase safety, reliability, and quality for the final user. We are constantly ahead of our domestic competitors, offering the laboratory solutions of tomorrow, today.

A successful blend of innovative design, functional technology, and durable materials result to the definition of what the laboratory of the future is going to be. All products bearing our signature ensure that your investment will provide you with long term usability and satisfaction.

Assimilating laboratory usage specifications, space complexities and restrictions, Basileiou Laboratory Furniture responds with fitted solutions in terms of design, diversity, usage, and functionality. The product development follows the latest technical and technological advances, respecting all relevant certifications and standardization, to ensure basically final user’s safety, product longevity and adequate fitting.