Completed Projects


APIVITA Natural Cosmetics

Research and development of innovative products has a history of over 40 years at APIVITA from the days when its founders prepared natural cosmetics by combining botanical extracts and beekeeping products.

Laboratory Furniture for Research and Development, Quality Control and Testing Laboratories

Project Completed : 2013

 Athens / Greece


Rontis Pharmaceuticals

Rontis, a Switzerland based multinational healthcare corporation, was established in 1986 by a group of leading professionals with lengthy experience in the wider healthcare sector and a vision to provide the most innovative & trustworthy solutions in the market, aiming to become an international leader in the global healthcare industry.

Laboratory Furniture for Research and Development , Quality Control

Project Completed : 2014


Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens(BRFAA)

The Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA) is a non-profit institute dedicated to understanding, treating, and preventing human ailments through biomedical research. BRFAA seeks to serve science and medicine, and to participate fully in global innovation through its commitment to the true integration of biology, medicine, and informatics.

Laboratory Furniture for all Departments of Research

Size of laboratories : 2’500m2

Completion Year : 2006


KORRES Natural Cosmetics

One of the European leaders in natural products cosmetics manufacturers, researches constantly new cosmetic products through natural ingredients such as honey and mastiha.

Laboratory Furniture for Research and Development, Quality Control, Testing, Quality Assurance and various other departments.

Completion Year : 2013

 Oinofyta / Greece



 A privately held pharmaceutical company, Genepharm has been committed to the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a premium range of generic pharmaceutical products.

Laboratory furniture for all departments of the company

Completion year : 2011

Pallini / Greece


ELPEN Pharmaceuticals

As the leading Greek pharmaceutical company, it offers high quality pharmaceuticals for the treatment of diseases, while striving to effectively contribute to the Community and to the Greek Economy.

Laboratory Furniture for all departments of the company.

Completion year : 2012

 Pallini / Greece


Pharmathen S.A. & Pharmathen International S.A.

A private pharmaceutical company, focused on the development and marketing of pharmaceuticals, with a strong position in generics.

Laboratory Furniture for all departments of the company.

Project Completion Year : 2011

Athens, Sappes / Greece


Ecole de Lycee Leonin

A private school company, with main focus on the total and complete education of its students, via foreign languages, sciences, sports and curricular event alongside regular classes and courses.

Laboratory furniture for Physics, History, Biology and Chemistry classes

Completion Year : 2009

 Athens / Greece



A center for in vitro fertilization founded in 1994, with a laboratory to control the specimens and process of IVF.

Laboratory Furniture for Speciment Control, Quality Testing and various other departments

Completion Year : 2008

Marousi / Greece


Athenian Brewery

Global brewing company, leader in the domestic beer market with a laboratory on location for random sample test from the production process.

Laboratory Furniture for Quality Control, Random Testing and Quality Assurance labs.

Completion Year : 2011

 Athens / Greece



Our firm has been the leader in the manufacture of tile adhesives since 1970 and specialized in manufacturing adhesives for tiles on walls and floorings, at a time when the traditional ways of doing so were very difficult and extremely ineffective.

Merging state of the art technology and the most up to date science around adhesives together with the traditional craftsman skills, PETROCOLL began an ongoing creative course aiming towards the full replacement of the old lining techniques by the newly introduced PETROCOLL system of permanent fixing using adhesives.



Pharmaceutical knowledge combined with expertise and experience have resulted in the creation of a small craft with innovative methods for its time. Afterwards the pharmacist Irene Zarbis, daughter of John Zarbis, took the reins of the company maintaining the high quality of pharmaceutical products, while expanding the company’s business areas in the development and production of pure natural cosmetics with essential oils and plant extracts but also in the standardization of aromatic herbs of Greek nature and introducing them as health and wellness sippings. Today 40 years later, the company remains a family business.