Our philosophy


Basileiou Laboratory Furniture S.A. was created by George Basileiou and his wife, in December 1980, firstly as an importer of chemicals for pharmaceutical companies in Greece.

In 1985 the company becomes very successful in manufacturing laboratory furniture, responding to the needs of the Greek market.

Fifteen years later, in 2000, the company’s headquarters and production relocated together to its newly purchased facilities in the Industrial Park of Avlona, near Athens, Greece, where all manufacturing and managerial processes were redesigned, modernized and updated to maximize the efficiency of the company vis-à-vis its clientele, as well as to help Basileiou – Laboratory Furniture maintain its leading position in the Greek market.


After 35 years of operations in the laboratory market, the company has taken its production a step beyond its competition, develop new products, tailor made, even for the most exigent projects and environments.

We take a look at our accomplishments, our history and our values so far, and strive towards excellence and evolution for tomorrow, today. We have committed departments that constantly research and develop our products; augment the end user’s satisfaction, without jeopardizing its quality and respecting at every step all universal certifications and global regulations.

All our products and services are of the highest quality and are considered to be a benchmark for the European laboratory furniture market.

Focusing on innovation and development, the firm has achieved to maintain a leading status within the Greek market for all 35 years of operation. Our open mindset allows us to focus more on foreign markets needs and our organizational stability to maintain a successful presence.

Using our innovative VENA© design system, we are able to optimize the layout of each laboratory, to ensure maximum functionality. Our laboratory furniture system, FEMO©, is based on the principle of continuous evolution for the benefit of the client.