After Sales


The company always applied a philosophy to ensure that all staff reflects the same values and embrace its vision. All staff seek their motivation through constant strive towards excellence and evolution in a professional and personal perspective which reflects on their satisfaction and productivity.

All staff members are trained for at least 6 months before being considered ready to take on a project task themselves, no matter their background. In addition to that, after the completion of a project a team of staff experts visit the client’s facilities so as to provide a training seminar for the final users ensuring the optimal and responsible use of the laboratory.


Highest quality raw material, durability and extended lifetime practices in addition to a laboratory designed to fulfill your processes following the LabOpti® design process, brings your laboratory of tomorrow, today.

All of our products come with a 2-year guarantee, and we make sure to keep spare parts for all manufactured products in storage, for more than 10 years after the delivery date of the project.

To ensure complete client satisfaction as well as to maintain all information documented and accessible at any time for any revisits of any project, we apply the ISO – 9001: 2008 quality management systems, since 1999. Using this QMS, all our organizational processes as well as manufacturing milestones are documented and easily traceable, for the minimization of erroneous products and defaults within the company.

All products manufactured in our facilities are subject to European norms and certifications but also to laboratory directives of global organizations. We constantly seek globally recognized and accepted certifications to ensure the best possible result. Finally prior to product dispatch we always perform in-house safety tests to ensure maximum quality and safety before it reaches its final destination.


Since day one of operations, the founder George Basileiou made a commitment towards a continuous development of the company’s environmental responsibility. It is a commitment we take very seriously, and we foster our employees’ sensitivity towards the environment. We pursue efficient and applicable policies so as not to harm the surrounding social and natural environment.

We have rebuilt our entire production process using eco-friendly technologies which minimize the produced waste by separating all recyclable elements. We use water tanks to collect rain water, and use it for the grass irrigation. The complete facilities were built on a bioclimatic study which allowed minimization of wasted materials for the construction of the building.

The company not only respects all mandatory legal standards, but also strives to comply with rules and standards that even though are considered optional, we see as a way to respect the community, the environment as well as the cultures of its stakeholders.